Woman renews marriage vows with Ferris wheel

Love and marriage go together like a woman and a Ferris wheel.

(Credit: LogoTV Screenshot by CNET)

We are approaching the stage of civilization when people are becoming more tolerant of each other’s objects of affections.

The question some philosophers are asking, though, is: “What if that object is an object?”

I confess to have occasionally felt a frisson of affection for inanimate things. They might have been cars, clothes, or the British when they speak.

However, I have never really considered what it would be like to have an exclusive relationship with something that doesn’t talk back, breathe, snore, or tell me to put on a tie.

I therefore thank Gawker for matchmaking me with the latest in Logo TV’s “What!?” documentaries.

This movie features people who are besotted with various mechanical and technological constructions.

For example, if I told you that one woman said: “It was like something pulling me, there was a tug,” what might you think she was referring to?

Well, it was a Ferris wheel called the Sky Diva. This is a Ferris wheel she called Bruce. She’s allowed… [Read more]

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