Why the Grumpy Cat movie is a bad idea

Grumpy Cat is going Hollywood.

(Credit: Grumpycats.com)

I don’t mean to sound all grumpy, but now that the news of Grumpy Cat getting a movie deal has sunk in, I’m feeling pretty frowny about the Internet-famous cat’s future in Hollywood.

Don’t get me wrong. I have serious love for Grumpy Cat. The three-Grumpy-Cat-moon image is the background on my iPad. I very nearly bought that hideous Grumpy Cat belt at Hot Topic. I might still buy it.

Let’s just say the announcement of producer Todd Garner and his company aiming for a “Garfield”-style feature film about the feline doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in me. After all, he was the man behind Adam Sandler’s 2011 flop “Jack and Jill.” What, was Martin Scorsese not available, or just not interested?

This whole Grumpy Cat-goes-to-Hollywood road is not all paved in Fancy Feast and catnip mice. Let’s look at the history of Internet memes that have become successful movies. Just give me a moment, I’m still trying to think of one. Fine, I give up.

The one piece of this news that most worries me is the plan to give Grumpy Cat the power of human speech. We know Bill Murray won’t be in the running for t… [Read more]

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