Why snap judgments at warp speed are ruining the Internet for me

Incredibly, the women attached to these feet have the exact same IQ.

(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)

commentary First, there was the dongle joke. Then came the stilettos.

To sum it up: A dude at a tech conference tweets a picture of a woman’s feet in stilettos, and judges her to be brainless based on the fact that she is wearing said footwear. Predictably, outrage ensues.

This tweet was followed by many others accusing him of being sexist and just as superficial as he seemed to think this woman is. The whole “conversation” if you will, can be summed up as:

Dude at conference: Ew! Look at her shoes! WHAT AN IDIOT! Bunch of people on Internet: Scoff! Judging a woman for her attire? WHAT A SEXIST JERK!

Is he sexist? No. Well, I don’t know the guy; maybe he is. But my guess is quite the opposite. I have a hunch Jorge Cortell, the man at the center of this particular fury-party, is a perfectly nice, equality-loving guy who thought damning high heels might help absolve women of feeling they need to wear them to impress the men who, by and large, still dominate this industry.

I suspect the intent was to send a message to wo… [Read more]

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