Why more people are training their cell phones on police

He seems like a nice man, doesn't he?

(Credit: JokRKidd/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

In the movies, when police come calling, the ordinary citizen has two options: quake or pull out a gun.

In recent time, however, people have realized that they have a third, quite potent option: the cell phone.

They know that if they can film the experience, disbelief will have to be suspended, because the evidence is all too clear.

The latest example of a seemingly innocent man encountering a peculiar visit from a policeman comes from Long Island.

What the filmed evidence seems to show is a policeman wandering onto the man’s private driveway and suggesting that it’s illegal to wash his car there.

This seems a curious development.

Once upon a time, it was almost compulsory to wash your car in your driveway, a rite of community passage.

“This is a private residential home,” one of the car washers explains.

In a classic line that’s been heard many times on television and in real life over the years, the policeman replies: “Well, that’s what you say.”

As CBS New York reports, a ticket wasn’t ultimately issued and the local Garden City police department hasn’t commented on the even… [Read more]

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