Which state you’ll pay more for an iPhone 5 in and why

Twenty percent sales tax? Ouch.

Screenshot by Eric Mack / CNET)

Thousands of units of the new iPhone 5 and other popular smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy S III will likely fly off California store shelves the last week of September, and many of the consumers purchasing them will probably do a double take at the total on the receipt.

That’s what happened to CNET reader Debi Scott, who read my story on how much sales tax from new iPhone sales could add to local government coffers (JP Morgan also took note of the iPhone 5’s potential as an economic booster shortly thereafter) and thought I might be understating the case. Scott told me how she purchased two iPhone 4S smartphones last year for $ 199 each at an AT&T store in Visalia, California and was charged more than $ 100 in sales tax.

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