When emoji just isn’t enough, ubertxt

Love is just a game.

(Credit: ubertxt/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

The world seems hell bent on remaining 12 years old.

There are some good reasons for this, such as adults constantly proving that adulthood is incompetence basking in the rays of power.

So instead of making mental progress, we disappear into our phones and express ourselves with words and smiley faces.

Sometimes, though, mere texts aren’t enough, mere emoji seem not to offer us the excitement that they used to.

Here then, my child, is ubertxt. Lord knows you’ve been waiting for something like this for at least 15 days — something that makes your new iPhone 5C an even happier place to live.

Ubertxt offers the ability to make your texts seem as heartfelt as cotton candy bought for you by someone close to your soul.

Its creator, Teresa Rucinski, told me that there’s nothing quite like it. Creators tend to believe that.

She said: “The closest competition would be color text messaging apps on App Store such as Color Text, Pimp My Text. However, they only offer standard/generic wallpaper animated backgrounds at best.”

Honestly, if you’re going to make your text… [Read more]

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