What this year’s must-have Xmas gadgets tell us about America

Must-have Xmas gadgets only.

(Credit: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Gadgets are the future of you.

They’re the things that anticipate your needs, appreciate the gaps in your life, and understand precisely what excites you.

So I found myself earlier this week wandering the halls of something called the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular, in search of signs of America’s soul.

This Spectacular is “a media event dedicated to glimpsing the computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, apps, videogames, toys, gadgets, and consumer electronics that will be hot items this holiday season.”

I am therefore your Xmas Paul Revere as to the state of the nation, seen through its most scalding technological items.

I confess that I was glad there was wine available, as I found the experience troubling.

My eyes were first attracted by the Lenovo booth, where it promised that its wares were “For Those Who Do.” Ought I conclude, therefore, that Americans are doers rather than, say, thinkers? And what makes Lenovo computers so don’t-averse? If I give someone a Lenovo computer for Xmas, what exactly am I telling them?

Merry Xmas, son. You do-nothing slob.

As I wandered, though, themes began to emerge. Technology’s masters believe you are neurotic, America, and they want you to be more so.

There seemed several items designed to force you to monitor every single bo… [Read more]

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