What does the International Space Station sound like?

Can you hear me, Major Tom? Hadfield rocks out in the ISS cupola.

(Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

If you’re heading to the International Space Station, try to bunk in the Japanese section. It’s as quiet as a Zen temple.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield recently went aboard the ISS and has been recording what it sounds like. It’s not quite the elegant “2001: A Space Odyssey” experience you might expect. It’s more like a noisy tin can.

After recording last week the ambient sounds of the U.S. lab, with its noisy air pumps and fans, Hadfield managed to get samples of what the ISS toilet sounds like, as well as the relative serenity of the Japanese Experiment Module (aka Kibo).

Check them out below, or listen to a larger selection here.

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