Wearable accessories keep your thoughts safe

(Credit: Lisa Kori Chung) (Credit: Lisa Kori Chung)

It’s official: Your tinfoil hat is now old hat. This series of accessories is designed to protect your precious thoughts in style.

The Anti-NIS Accessories, created by Lisa Kori Chung and Caitlin Morris for Benetton’s research studio Fabrica, are all about maintaining the privacy of your own thoughts.

The three pieces were designed with something called Neuro-Imaging Surveillance (NIS) in mind. Neurologists actually use surveillance neuroimaging to monitor patients’ neural activity in hopes of providing better care. The word “surveillance,” of course, can be a bit of a touchy one.

“The paradigm of clothing as protector and concealer is slowly shifting: increasingly, our bodies are becoming more and more public (through security practices as well as fashion choices), while new forms of neuro-imaging technology are developing that may one day allow for surveillance and interception of the contents of our minds,” Chung said. “Anti-NIS Accessories is a series of proposed objects designed as a form of clothing that maintains privacy of thought and action.”

Each piece — a collar, a fascinator, and a mask — can detect when a scan is oc… [Read more]

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