Watch high-powered flashlights cook a turkey

Need to flash fry your leftovers in style? Invest in a couple thousand lumens.

(Credit: Kate Ter Haar)

The art of roasting a bird with a flashlight requires much more than the typical yellow shiner found at your parent’s house; in fact, you need something more than a hundred times more powerful.

While we don’t know exactly how many exact lumens — a standard of measurement used for lighting (where 1 lumen usually equals the power of one candle) — you need accomplish the zany task, we do know through an informative YouTube video that cooking a turkey with a flashlight is possible.

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Kipkay — perhaps best described as the McGyver of the Internet — puts six Wicked Laser Torch flashlights (with an astonishing power of 4,100 lumens each) in a circle around a turkey, and after several hours a large portion of the bird appears golden brown with a perfect internal temperature of 177 Fahrenheit.

Just one of these blinding Torch flashlights costs $ 199, and only lasts about 5-10 minutes before needing a recharge. In Kipkay’s video, we didn’t spot any external power so… [Read more]

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