Was this FedEx worker filmed tossing your iPad or Nexus 7?

Well, it gets the boxes loaded more quickly.

(Credit: Banstaman/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

The trouble with working for FedEx is that it’s just boxes, boxes, boxes.

Sometimes you get so fed(ex) up with boxes that you just want to throw the darned things. So sometimes you do.

Sometimes, though, a sneaky little voyeur decides to film you relieving yourself.

And then you are ex-FedEx.

This tale was just repeated this week, after a FedEx worker was filmed merrily throwing piles of boxes, using various techniques, into a truck.

She seemed to be enjoying herself, and the truck was loaded on one of my favorite New York streets: East 44th.

She even seemed to offer that overhand tossing was far more enjoyable than underhand tossing.

Naturally, the footage was posted to the People’s Court: YouTube.

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