Wanna come back to my place to see my Apple store?

Just so very homey, no?

David Wu (with permission))

David Wu looks ridicule in the face and says: “Come on, ridicule, you lily-livered lout. Show me what you got.”

You see, his enthusiasm for Apple products is such that he displays it with all the gusto of a potentate who builds a temple to his own personal god inside his mansion.

I am grateful to Razorian Fly for indicating that Wu exists and to Wu himself for allowing me to use his photographs, which he has posted on his blog.

Oh, I can’t put off the reveal any longer. Wu has constructed an Apple store in his home office.

I know, I know. He is, at least aware of what you might think, for his blog post begins: “Call me mad. Call me crazy.”

May I pause for all fans of Android to pitch out of the wind-up?

Call him crazy. Go on. He can take it.

David Wu (with permission))

Wu claims he is not a designer. Indeed, his official explanation of himself is “disruptive innovator,” and “technologist.”

He explains that he woke up three months ago and decided to disrupt his home office wit… [Read more]

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