Wait, there’s an app that teaches kids handwriting?

Alexa has spelled her name wrong again.

(Credit: iTrace)

Here’s what we do with our hands these days: We poke, we stroke, we wipe, we swipe.

But we don’t actually write, do we? Not, you know, by hand and pen.

Who does that? Why bother? Every message you could ever think of sending is typeable, printable and, one imagines, emojible.

Yet one strange man believes that children need to be taught the art of handwriting. Could it be that he believes there might one day again be an Age of Romance?

He’s created the iTrace app for iPad and iPhone, perhaps the first step in getting a great job in the future. Yes, just like the one Joaquin Phoenix has in “Her.” (Do see it. He writes letters by hand. Sort of.)

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