Wacom finally shows the iPad its sensitive side

(Credit: Wacom)

It’s a bit of a niche, but disconnecting the pressure-sensitive stylus from its dedicated drawing tablet and enabling use with a more mainstream, general purpose tablet like an iPad is quite liberating for designers and doodlers alike. Wacom, known for its excellent drawing peripherals like the Intuos5, has been strangely slow to jump into this market — but finally lands with its $ 99 Intuos Creative Stylus (ICS).

The ICS joins products like the Adonit’s Jot Touch 4 ($ 90) the Pogo Connect ($ 80) and the Hex3 Jaja ($ 90) with workarounds to give the fundamentally insensitive iPad display pressure-sensitive drawing capabilities (in which stroke width changes in response to changes in stylus pressure). Because of the tablet constraints, the ICS uses a Bluetooth 4 connection like the Jot and the Pogo rather than the electromagnetic resonance technology used in its dedicated input devices — if you want EMR in a portable tablet you’ll need to fork over a lot more dough for Wacom’s newly announced Android tablets, the Cintiq Companion and Cintiq Companion Hybrid. Bluetooth 4 limits the stylus compatibility to the iPad 2, … [Read more]

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