Video made with Google’s glasses bounces online

One of the Project Glass photos that was posted to Google+ this week. For a video shot by someone wearing the specs, scroll down.


How does Google and its high-tech-specs effort top company VP Sebastian Thrun’s viral photo of a dad’s-eye view of Thrun swinging his boy round in circles?

Easy, it puts the Project Glass spectacles on someone, puts that someone on a trampoline, then puts the setting on “video” and lets that someone start jumping and filming.

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Google posted the vid to Google+ this week, in a gallery devoted to the Google+ Photography Conference, which took place in San Francisco on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It also posted photos of a Google Glass Walk that was part of the conference.

Thrun’s earlier photo got people talking about a new era in photography, and videos like this one, as they begin to ap… [Read more]

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