Upcoming book gives look at early Apple designs

Ghosts of iPhones past.

(Credit: Hartmut Esslinger/Designboom)

Apple fanatics may find themselves foaming at the mouth over some retro conceptual Mac computer photos featured in Hartmut Esslinger’s upcoming book “Design Forward: Creative Strategies for Sustainable Change.”

The book explores Esslinger’s journey as a German designer who worked with Sony, Louis Vuitton, and others before moving on to Apple in 1982. Apple hired Esslinger to transform the successful yet scattered startup into a brand with a globally recognizable design mantra.

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The book, which was written about earlier by Designboom, sheds light on some stunning Apple product concepts, many of which came to fruition years — or in some cases decades — later. You can see a few of these concepts here in our blog post, but … [Read more]

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