Turn a 35mm film canister into a greeting card

(Credit: Doctor Popular)

Instead of throwing away spent film canisters, a resourceful San Francisco nerd who goes by the moniker Doctor Popular managed to transform one into an interactive greeting card for his Valentine.

The idea is a simple: The greeting card — made from paper — mimics a strip of 35mm film with a personal greeting written on it alongside a little bit of creative decorating. The “film” is then inserted into the canister and can be read with a pull of a tab.

(Credit: Doctor Popular)

We like this idea because there’s nothing better than a handmade gift with a personalized message to show you care. And this contraption isn’t limited to just Valentine’s Day and can be used for other occasions, too.

If you have time on your hands this weekend, head over to this step-by-step tutorial and give it a shot.

(Source: Crave Asia via PetaPixel) [Read more]

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