Toss your bike key with BitLock Bluetooth lock

(Credit: BitLock)

Hauling a u-lock around is bad enough, and keeping track of its key can also be a headache. Is there a better solution?

One approach is BitLock, a keyless lock controlled by your smartphone that lets you set up a public or private bike-sharing network.

Developed by San Francisco startup Mesh Motion, BitLock launched Tuesday with a Kickstarter campaign aimed at raising $ 120,000.

When you’re within a few feet of BitLock, the Bluetooth link senses your iOS or Android smartphone and lets you unlock your bike with the push of a button.

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To lock it, you press the button again.

That’s easy enough, but BitLock’s networking capabilities make it interesting.

With the BitLock app, you can give frien… [Read more]

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