Too much time on Facebook? Give yourself an electric shock

We are but dogs.

(Credit: Robert R. Morris/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

You’re weak. And your biggest weakness is yourself.

You indulge obsessive habits. You spend a dozen hours a day on the Web, searching for what you’re missing out on while you’re spending a dozen hours a day on the Web.

You tell yourself that you can’t help yourself. I am telling you that now you can.

For here is a device that will jolt you away from Facebook by giving you an electric shock. Yes, this is jolt by the volt.

Called the Pavlov Poke, this device was invented by Robert Morris and Dan McDuff. They claimed to waste a combined 50 hours a week on Facebook and determined to do something about it.

Fortunately, they are two PhD students at MIT, so they were in a position to use the strengths of their skills to combat the weakness in their gills.

In the promotional video I’ve embedded, their acting skills might use a little nuancing. However, they insist their tale is real.

The Pavlov Poke is, quite simply, a little accessory for your keyboard that pokes you into withdrawing from it, if you’ve been Web bound too long.

It is less a poke and more of an electric shock.

“It monitors application usage, and if you spend too much time on a particular Web site or application, i… [Read more]

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