Thor tchotchkes to brighten a fan’s Dark World

(Credit: Marvel)

Working at CNET means working with people who know how to answer the question, “Most awesome Thor-related gift, any suggestions?”

I was looking for something to entertain my convalescing aunt, who’s a big Thor fan from the Jack Kirby days. She’s embraced the current Avengers series, including the Hemsworth movie despite its lack of Donald Blake, and has been counting down the days until the sequel.

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During her recent hospital stay she even convinced someone to change the wording of the regular lucidity check she was being given from, “Do you know who the president is?” to, “Do you know when the new Thor movie opens?”

I wouldn’t want you to think my aunt is some kind of one-dimensional Thor superfan. Obviously, she has other interests in life, like Iron Man. But with … [Read more]

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