The importance of the earnest selfie: Rihanna has an ‘Instassistant’


(Credit: Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

If you think it’s enough to have a few fetching profile photos to secure your presence on the Web, then you’re really deluding your selfie.

One of the great growth areas of self-presentation is constant self-presentation in pictorial form.

Your selfie today isn’t your selfie yesterday, so you’re obliged to ensure that your newest look is a complement to — and an advancement on — your yesterday look.

Those who reside permanently at the top of the world understand this. In a touching acceptance of their own imperfections, they are realizing that they can’t trust themselves to capture their best self-image.

So, if we are to believe The Daily Mail, they are designating specific individuals to be their selfie-expressionists.

The Mail dubs them “Instassistants.” This, though, is a touch degrading. These people are artists, under pressure every day to show a star’s very best side. And some days, this can surely be very difficult.

One should therefore heap praise upon Rihanna’s self-expressionist, Melissa Forde. She isn’t merely the singer’s best friend. She is the one who captures Rihanna’s everyday essence.

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