Tesla’s Elon Musk goes ‘Iron Man’ with in-thin-air, gestural design process

Elon Musk — er, Tony Stark — pulls a suit of armor out of thin air.

(Credit: Marvel Studios/Paramount Pictures)

As if a sexy electric car; a sideways-flying, reusable rocket ship; an 800 mph subway; and a Martian metropolis weren’t enough, mad scientist Elon Musk now wants to build an “Iron Man” suit.

Well, not exactly.

But the film was apparently the inspiration for Musk’s latest foray into science nonfiction. The Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO tweeted on Friday that he and his people have “figured out how to design rocket parts just w hand movements through the air” and that next week he’ll be posting a video that demonstrates the process.

Musk, of course, is the man behind the Tesla Model S, the Grasshopper laterally flying rocket, and the Hyperloop supertrain. He’s also an advocate for colonizing Mars…. [Read more]

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