Canada to get world’s first Bitcoin ATM next week

(Credit: Robocoin)

Bitcoin fans, prepare your passports. If you want to be among the first to use a Bitcoin ATM, head to Canada.

What’s being billed as the world’s first Bitcoin ATM is set to enter service next week in Vancouver, according to local operator and broker Bitcoiniacs and Nevada-based manufacturer Robocoin.

The $ 18,500 ATM will debut in downtown coffee shop Waves as the first of five Bitcoin machines that will be deployed across the country.

They’ll trade the increasingly popular digital currency for Canadian dollars and vice versa, with a CAD $ 3,000 daily limit ($ 2,870) for each user.

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The ATMs will use palm scans to identify users and enforce the limit, which is also designed to prevent problems with anti-money-laundering laws.

Users can deposit Canadian cash in the machines and it’s then exchanged on Canada’s … [Read more]

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Lego version of the world’s largest ship sets sail

Lego announced today it will sell a brick version of the Maersk Triple-E, the world's largest ship.

(Credit: Lego)

Owners of the new Lego version of the Maersk Line Triple-E might be tempted to smash a bottle of champagne against it once they’re done building, given that it’s a model of the world’s largest ship.

Alas, the model would probably smash to bits. Still, maritime fans and Lego fans alike may want to rush out in January to buy the new $ 150 set. Comprised of 1,518 bricks, the Lego Maersk Triple-E recreates the real ship with what the toy company said is a high attention to detail.

The largest ship in the world — in Lego! (pictures)

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Hot Wheels car races down world’s highest wall track

Apparently, Hot Wheels cars don't suffer from vertigo.

(Credit: Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET)

A blue Hot Wheels toy car sporting the number “01” went where no Hot Wheels has gone before. It got to take a dramatic plunge down what the toy car company is calling “the world’s highest wall track.”

The track was rigged up to go on the side of an apartment building. It’s hard to tell exactly how high the track is, but it certainly looks like it could claim the record.

The impressive car drop took place during the BCN Fan Fest, an event devoted to Formula 1 racing, in Barcelona earlier this year, but the making-of video was just recently released.

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The track builders put the contraption together on the ground and then hoisted it up the side of the building in large pieces that c… [Read more]

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Construction of world’s largest optical telescope approved

Set atop Mauna Kea, the Thirty Meter Telescope will be able to observe planets outside our solar system.

(Credit: Courtesy TMT Observatory Corporation)

If you love eye-popping images of space, here’s welcome news: the Hawaiian Board of Land and Natural Resources has backed building what’s to be the world’s largest, most powerful optical telescope above the clouds atop the volcano Mauna Kea.

The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) will have a primary mirror of 492 segments measuring some 100 feet across, giving it the power to image objects 13 billion light years away, near the beginning of the universe.

It may also photograph planets outside our solar system with unprecedented detail.

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The focus of a collaboration among scientists in California, Canada, Japan, China, and India, th… [Read more]

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Crave Ep. 110: Prevent a hangover with the worlds first ‘sober pill’?

Prevent a hangover with the worlds first ‘sober pill’? Ep 110

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This week on Crave, William Shatner has some choice words for J.J. Abrams, and we toss one back in the greatest drinking game ever invented. Cheers! Plus, we dodge a bullet the size of a football field as an asteroid nearly collides with Earth. Phew.

Crave stories:

– Russian meteorite fragments pop up for sale online

– Amazon opens celebrity memorabilia store

[Read more]

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Chinese golf resort tees off with world’s largest human QR code

It took 2,000 people to make this happen.

(Credit: Mission Hills China)

A gigantic QR code took form in China a couple of days ago. Mission Hills China trumpets the accomplishment with the headline, “World’s Largest Golf Club & Spa Resort Creates the World’s Biggest QR Code.” Sounds like someone is obsessed with being the world’s largest.

That headline is a little misleading, though. A Canadian corn maze turned out a 309,570-square-foot QR code last year. What Mission Hills China created is most likely the world’s biggest human QR code. It certainly beat out the 1,300 people Taiwan drafted for a promotion event.

The club rounded up 2,000 employees for the massive publicity stunt. They stood in designated spots and opened red and white umbrellas above their heads. Seen from 270 feet above the ground, the formation created a scannable QR code. The code links back to an eco-tourism campaign that lets entrants sign up for a chance to win a holiday at the resort.

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World’s tallest tower to overshadow monumental goof in Ecuador

A scale model housed inside the current "Middle of the World" monument shows how the proposed "Tower of the Sun" would loom over this Andean valley.

(Credit: Johanna DeBiase)

MITAD DEL MUNDO, Ecuador–The effort to mark exactly where the equator traverses this tiny country roughly the size of Colorado — if Colorado were filled with not just tall, jagged mountains, but also with jungle and rainforest and swamp and humid lowlands — has been filled with centuries of folly and misplaced monuments. Now a provincial government in Ecuador wants to finally get it right, and make a big statement at the same time.

Despite being the longest way around the Earth, the equator is relatively hard to get to. Just take a look at your globe (OK, Google Earth will do) and you’ll notice it passes through an awful lot of empty ocean, some remote islands, the Amazon, and some typically inaccessible parts of Africa. These raw geographic realities have made Ecuador particularly important for those on a quest for middle earth (not Middle Earth) for centuries.

Ecuador's current equatorial monument (real equator not included).

[Read more]

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Developer reaffirms plan to finish world’s tallest building in 90 days

This composite photo shows Sky City's massive height compared to a portion of the Chicago skyline.

(Credit: Broad Group)

A 220-story Sky City tower in the Chinese city of Changsha could take the crown as the world’s tallest skyscraper next March with an astounding height of 2,749 feet, edging out the mega Burj Khalifa that currently stands 2,722 feet over Dubai.

What makes the 11-million-square-foot Sky City so astonishing isn’t its height or its appearance but rather the three-month construction plan to create the building that kicks off at the end of the year. Broad Group — the company responsible for assembling the skyscraper — plans to achieve these insane building speeds by using 95 percent prefabricated modular pieces that are sort of similar to a giant Lego set to construct the building.

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As progress ramps up on Sky City next January, workers “will go on as planned w… [Read more]

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U.S. city gets one of the world’s fastest networks… for a week

The Salt Palace hosts one of the world's most powerful networks starting today.

(Credit: Dana Sohm/Visit Salt Lake)

This weekend and next week in Salt Lake City’s Salt Palace Convention Center, there are likely to be more gigabits flying around, and at a faster amount per second, than just about anywhere else on the continent.

That’s where a cadre of volunteers from top universities, government labs, and industry have put together a sort of dream network for this year’s SC2012 Super Computing conference, beginning today in Utah. Using multiple 10 gigabit per second (Gbps) and 100Gbps circuits, SCinet links the convention center to other powerful networks around the world, including the Department of Energy’s ESnet, Internet2, and National LambdaRail.

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Sixers unleash world’s largest T-shirt cannon on fans

Say hello to my little friend.

(Credit: @Sixers/Twitter)

Whenever I attend a professional sporting event, two things seem certain: high prices and T-shirt cannons.

This basketball season, the chances of catching a flying T-shirt improved greatly for Philadelphia Sixers fans, with the debut of the world’s largest T-shirt cannon.

The weapon of mass comfort, officially known as “Big Bella,” weighs 600 pounds and can fire up to 100 shirts per minute. Judging by the startling straight-down-the-double-barrel picture supplied by the Sixers, the device appears somewhat similar to a jumbo Gatling gun.

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The Sixers organization collaborated with entertainment company FX in Motion to create Bella, which can fire a shirt up to a hundred feet in the air. Take a peep at the video below to see several of these guns in action at the Sixers’ home opener during Halloween, courtesy of

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