Monopoly rises from the grave with ‘Walking Dead’ edition

(Credit: Hasbro)

We can’t even remember the last time we (or anyone we know) sat down for a rousing game of Monopoly. Could our interest be brought back from the dead?

Hasbro certainly has been trying, with various themed editions of the game over the last decade or two. The latest ties in to one of the most popular shows on TV: AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” based on the comic by Robert Kirkman. It’s basically the same Monopoly, more or less, featuring art by Kirkman and zombie-themed chance cards — and, of course, locations from the series.

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Instead of buying houses and hotels to make your property more valuable, though, you buy walls and guard towers to fortify it against attack.

The player pieces are themed for items in the comic: Michonne’s katana (dibs!); Rick’s hat; Negan’s barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat, Lucille; Dale’s 1973 D-27C Winnebago Chieftain RV; a telephone; and a bucket of limbs.

The game can be picked up for $ 39.99 from ThinkGeek and… [Read more]

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SolePower charges smartphones by harnessing walking power

SolePower is a power generating shoe insole that can charge portable electronics.

(Credit: Screengrab by Dara Kerr/CNET)

What if people could charge their phones by going for a walk? No electricity, no power outlets, no more dealing with dead phone batteries. This idea actually isn’t too farfetched.

A new Kickstarter campaign is focused on getting funding for a power generating shoe insert that lets users charge portable devices — like smartphones, music players, and GPS devices — while they walk.

The device is called SolePower and is currently in an alpha prototype phase. The company is looking to raise $ 50,000 by July 18 to start working toward finalizing a mass producible product.

SolePower founders Matthew Staton and Hahna Alexander came up with the idea as mechanical engineering students at Carnegie Mellon University.

“We initially designed SolePower to simply light an LED on the shoe so students walking to and from campus at night would be more visible,” Stanton told CNET. “After we developed a proof of concept prototype for the class we realized that there were many more applications for the device.”

To generate energy, SolePower takes each step and converts it into usable electrical power. As the user swings their leg a… [Read more]

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Walking Dead publisher drops DRM

The webcomic "Scatterlands" is now available in a digital collection from Image Comics.

(Credit: Image Comics)

The publisher of the Walking Dead, Saga, Witchblade, and the Savage Dragon announced on Tuesday that it’s closing the book on digital rights management. New books from Image Comics are now available for digital download from its online store without DRM.

Readers can purchase new books from in several platform-agnostic formats: PDF, EPUB, CBR, and CBZ. Previous publishing agreements haven’t changed, so people who prefer to buy from proprietary apps such as Comixology, Amazon, and Apple will still be able to do so.

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Ron Richards, Image Comics’ marketing honcho, told the comics news site ComicBookResources that the DRM-free books would benefit comics creators the most. “There’s no cut for Co… [Read more]

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