California first to get electronic license plates? Easier to track?

Yes, sort of an iPad on your car's rear.

(Credit: KCRA-TV screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

California is the home of everything that’s new, exciting, and, well, accidentally nefarious.

It’s a delight, therefore, to hear that we here in the Golden State might be the first to get electronic license plates.

Yes, the young and the restless of tech will be able to have their new “TE$ LA1” plate beamed directly to their car.

What could be more moving? I am beaming at Ars Technica for discovering that a bill has passed the California State Senate, allowing for a pilot program to launch the scheme.

If the Governor signs the bill, 0.5 percent of Californians might enjoy this perk quite soon.

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They can look forward to rolling down their beautiful hills and having the word “EXPIRED” suddenly appear on their backside. (The car’s, that is.)

What fun it will be to see Ferraris with the word “STOLEN” — or Priuses with the word “TASTELESS.”

Actually, I’m not sure that last one will be an option. Even so, the sheer instancy and convenience will fascinate many.

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