‘Star Wars’ sled strikes back: AT-AT races in Cardboard Classic

Doug Brewbaker rides the AT-AT while fellow builders Garret Geiger (in black) and James Groves give it a shove. The All Terrain Armored Transport doesn’t look quite as intimidating when it’s a sled made of cardboard, tape, and optimism that it can reach the finish line.

(Credit: Courtesy of Doug Brewbaker)

Darth Vader himself would approve of the giant AT-AT sled that raced against 50 other entries in the 8th Annual Cardboard Classic last weekend in Lansing, Mich.

Contestants enter sleds made completely from cardboard, paper, glue, tape, paint, and creativity. All sleds race down a short hill near the Gier Community Center with hopes that their unique creations hold together by the time they meet the finish line.

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Hot Wheels car races down world’s highest wall track

Apparently, Hot Wheels cars don't suffer from vertigo.

(Credit: Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET)

A blue Hot Wheels toy car sporting the number “01” went where no Hot Wheels has gone before. It got to take a dramatic plunge down what the toy car company is calling “the world’s highest wall track.”

The track was rigged up to go on the side of an apartment building. It’s hard to tell exactly how high the track is, but it certainly looks like it could claim the record.

The impressive car drop took place during the BCN Fan Fest, an event devoted to Formula 1 racing, in Barcelona earlier this year, but the making-of video was just recently released.

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