Athos: Computers should be in your workout wear, not just your pockets

This workout gear from Athos is designed to track muscle activity, heart rate, balance, cadence, and more.

(Credit: Athos)

Most of us have a vision in our heads of the ideal version of ourselves — fit, smart, sexy, and, if we’re honest, probably air-brushed. The company Athos wants to help you feel like you are working toward achieving at least the first part of that vision with workout gear that, thanks to embedded muscle-tracking sensors, can monitor many aspects of your workout with extreme — and yes, expensive — precision.

The shirt and pants will each set you back $ 99.

(Credit: Athos)

Now available for preorder with a target ship date of summer 2014, the sensorized tops and bottoms that range in size from extra small to extra large are $ 99 each; the Core wearable module, which gathers the data and shoots it wirelessly to the smartphone app, will set you back $ 199.

But co-founders Dhananja Jayalath and Christopher Wiebe — both electrical engineers who went to the University of Waterloo in Canada — are banking on this being an affordable alternative to the personal trainer, who is ultimately a data collector as well. Personal trainers are “not just being prescriptive,” Jayalath … [Read more]

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Man allegedly pawns office computers (gets caught)

A scene from the pawn shop's Yellow Book YouTube video.

(Credit: Yellowbook/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

There are all sorts of ways to get money.

Some are wise, some less so, while others are just asking for pain to knock upon your door.

Gary Lee Cochran stands accused of perhaps taking one risk too far. The 59-year-old is said to have obtained money without legal justification and, perhaps, sufficient aforethought.

For police in Charleston, W.Va., said he took gadgets from his place of work and into a pawn shop called Kanawha Valley

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Fine Jewelry and Loan. (Motto: “All Loans Confidential!”)

You might imagine that the Kanawha County Schools, where Cochran worked, might have noticed that the computers had apparently been teleported from their place.

However, as the Charleston Daily Mail reports, Cochran’s alleged scheme was successful for some time.

More Technically Incorrect

Porn piracy tracked to computers in Vatican City

St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. The Vatican is actually a tiny, sovereign country, surrounded by the city of Rome, Italy.

(Credit: CBS)

Even the residents of Vatican City need to be entertained, but are they pirating porn?

The blog TorrentFreak recently compiled a report alleging that computers located in Vatican City are downloading pornography. A recent tale of Irish priests enjoying first-run hits at their home movie nights piqued the blog’s interest to see what the residents of Vatican City have been downloading.

TorrentFreak recruited the help of ScanEye, a Web site that tracks and analyzes this type of online activity. ScanEye’s data found that computers inside Vatican City were downloading films like “Love Actually” and TV shows like “The Americans.”

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Files with the names of adult film stars also appeared in the queue. Some of the files appeared to be of bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism (BD… [Read more]

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Crave: gorgeous gadgets and other crushworthy stuff. – CNET