Athos: Computers should be in your workout wear, not just your pockets

This workout gear from Athos is designed to track muscle activity, heart rate, balance, cadence, and more.

(Credit: Athos)

Most of us have a vision in our heads of the ideal version of ourselves — fit, smart, sexy, and, if we’re honest, probably air-brushed. The company Athos wants to help you feel like you are working toward achieving at least the first part of that vision with workout gear that, thanks to embedded muscle-tracking sensors, can monitor many aspects of your workout with extreme — and yes, expensive — precision.

The shirt and pants will each set you back $ 99.

(Credit: Athos)

Now available for preorder with a target ship date of summer 2014, the sensorized tops and bottoms that range in size from extra small to extra large are $ 99 each; the Core wearable module, which gathers the data and shoots it wirelessly to the smartphone app, will set you back $ 199.

But co-founders Dhananja Jayalath and Christopher Wiebe — both electrical engineers who went to the University of Waterloo in Canada — are banking on this being an affordable alternative to the personal trainer, who is ultimately a data collector as well. Personal trainers are “not just being prescriptive,” Jayalath … [Read more]

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