Steve Jobs document fetches $40K at auction

The black-and-white photo from 1976 shows Jobs (right) with co-founder Steve Wozniak. In the foreground Steve Jobs gives a talk in January 2010.

(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

It’s not everyday that someone throws down more than $ 40,000 for a short document, but that is exactly what Tristar Productions CEO Jeff Rosenberg did on Thursday.

This was no ordinary document, however. It was a signed legal agreement between Steve Jobs and businessman Robert Friedland from August 17, 1978. The 8-page document was up for auction at RR Auction house and sold for $ 40,045.

“In 30 years of business we have only offered one other Jobs item — a signature; this document, incredibly substantial and significant in its connection to a major figure in his life, is of the utmost rarity,” RR Auction vice president Bobby Livingston said in a statement.

Apparently, Jobs and Friedland were buddies during college — where they both attended Reed College, took spiritual trips to India, and worked on Friedland’s communal farm and apple orchard.

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