Spin the droidel for a geeky Hanukkah

This Tardis dreidel spins just like that big blue police box in the night sky.

(Credit: TardisBuilders.com)

Some celebrate Hanukkah with age-old traditions, and some celebrate with Lego and “Star Trek.”

Some of the more unique dreidels out there include spinning tributes to “Star Wars,” and “Doctor Who.” But as long as you have the letters in the right place, anything is possible.

“Building a dreidel builds other stuff, too, like enthusiasm for the holiday and a deeper appreciation of those four important letters and what they stand for,” says J Create Magazine. “The letters on a homemade dreidel need to be arranged in the correct order going right to left. Nun, gimmel, hey, shin are the abbreviation (an initialism, actually, if you want to get all nerdy) of ‘nes gadol hayah shom: a great miracle happened there.’ So, a shin will never be adjacent to to a gimmel, for example.”

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