Sony patents ‘smart wig’: Toupee with sensors on the way?

(Credit: USPTO)

A talking toupee? It might be a reality one day if Sony decides to do anything with a new patent it’s been awarded.

The patent’s broadly titled “Wearable Computing Device,” but things get more detailed in the patent abstract:

“Wearable computing device, comprising a wig that is adapted to cover at least a part of a head of a user, at least one sensor for providing input data, a processing unit that is coupled to at least one sensor for processing said input data, and a communication interface that is coupled to the processing unit for communicating with a second computing device. The at least one sensor, the processing unit, and the communication interface are arranged in the wig and at least partly covered by the wig in order to be visually hidden during use.”

(Credit: USPTO)

Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like: a hairpiece with hidden embedded electronics and sensors, aka the smart wig. These are designed to provide tactile feedback — either vibrations or small electric shocks — directly to the wearer’s scalp. They could be used to notify the wearer of a text message, phone call, or e-… [Read more]

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