SkyCycle puts London bike paths in the clouds

(Credit: Foster + Partners)

Move over Mary Poppins, the skyway might be getting a little more crowded. British architect Norman Foster has unveiled a plan to build a highway for bicycles that will have the cycles gliding over London rooftops without competing with agitated car drivers.

Who among us hasn’t fantasized about flying in the air to avoid traffic? We’d have to huff and puff in this scenario, but Foster’s renderings make it seem like a breeze, and one that hopefully shave time off a maddening commute.

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SkyCycle, proposed by Foster + Partners, along with landscape architects Exterior Architecture and transport consultant Space Syntax, envisions a network of elevated bike paths free of cars.

The wide, secure deck would span more than 130 miles and be suspended above London’s existing suburban rail network with over 200 access points. The network wou… [Read more]

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