See ya, Segway! We’ve got a suitcase electric scooter now

Better dry-clean your "Tron" suit.

(Credit: Amir Zaid)

Segway scooters are still kind of cool, but they have the disadvantage of being big. It’s a bit difficult to just pack one up, take it on your morning public transportation commute, and then saddle up to ride it to the office. Israeli designer Amir Zaid is thinking smaller than Segway when it comes to his all-electric MUV-e scooter. It’s small enough to fold up into a suitcase-sized bundle.

Zair’s resume includes design work for Ferrari and Fiat, so you know the MUV-e isn’t going to look like other scooters. It has three wheels and lots of rounded edges. There’s even a bit of a Tron aesthetic at work here in looking at the renderings for the final product. Dare I say, it looks a little sporty? Not at all like this boxy scooter we saw recently.

While the MUV-e doesn’t have Segway’s self-balancing wow factor, it will weigh between 25 and 30 pounds, go about 10 miles on a charge, and hit speeds up to 15 miles per hour. The scooter has an expected price tag of $ 2,000 for the base model, going up to $ 3,000 for a fancier model with a larger battery capacity and customizable look.

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