Scientist: Cats think you are just a big, stupid cat

He thinks we're stupid.

(Credit: compilarizTVi/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

It had quite slipped my notice, but I’m actually a cat.

It’s true that I struggle with the running-up-and-down-drainpipes thing. I’m also not very adept at catching mice, without considerable chemical help.

On the other hand, I’m good at eating cheese and I can drink milk very quietly. Perhaps that’s why my friend Ed’s cat Bob thinks I’m also a cat.

Bob hasn’t told me himself, but a British anthrozoologist named John Bradshaw has. In a book called Cat Sense, which the New York Times kindly reviewed last week, Bradshaw insists that despite being happy lying over your warm laptop keyboard and starring in any number of YouTube videos, cats are essentially still wild.

He’s been studying cats for 30 years and he insists that because they were never bred to play some specific role in the domestic life of humans, they didn’t go through some radical evolutionary change.

Yes, many have been domesticated in their way, but equally, many go out and breed with wild cats out there in the trees and bushes. (Bradshaw estimates th… [Read more]

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