San Francisco’s bay barge mystery: Floating data center or Google Glass store?

The structure that is almost certainly being built by Google, on a barge in San Francisco Bay.

(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

The mystery surrounding a large structure built on a barge docked in San Francisco bay is deepening. Is it a floating Google data center? A floating Google Glass store? Or something else altogether?

On Friday, I reported exclusively that a company, very likely Google, has set up shop on Treasure Island, located between San Francisco and Oakland, and has been building a large structure made from shipping, or cargo, containers on a barge. Some evidence suggests it might be a floating data center, including the fact that Google itself has a patent for such a concept.

Google has not responded to multiple requests for comment.

This structure, seen on a barge in Portland, Maine is very similar to a structure that is under construction in San Francisco Bay. Both projects were built on top of barges owned by the same company.

(Credit: John Ewing/Portland Press Herald)

The Portland (Maine) Press Herald also … [Read more]

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