RIM superfan keeps faith alive with BlackBerry 10 tattoo

Ouch, that stings on so many levels!

(Credit: Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET)

What’s likely to trigger more regret 10 years down the road — a tattooed profile of that special someone who broke your heart and took your favorite records, or a permanent etching of an obsolete operating system that some critics thought was already bordering on irrelevance when it was brand new?

Most of us would probably just opt to skip both options, but not Brian Heffren of Middleton, N.Y. He’s chosen to go all in on BlackBerry 10, which launches tomorrow, by getting the new mobile OS logo tattooed on his shoulder forever. Ladies, take note. This is a guy who understands what commitment is all about.

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The whole stunt is part of a contest giveaway from BlackBerry fan-site CrackBerry.com.

While I’m certainly impressed by Heffren’s dedication, the <... [Read more]

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