Researchers 3D-print a fully functional loudspeaker

Cornell graduate student Apoorva Kiran holds the 3D-printed, fully functional loudspeaker.

(Credit: Jason Koski/Cornell University)

When it comes to creating parts, 3D printing is on the rise. A variety of materials are becoming available that allow easy, automated part fabrication, and it won’t be long before the technology becomes integral to manufacturing, as well as to prototyping.

But could an integrated system be created with 3D printing? Well, as researchers at Cornell University have just demonstrated, yes. A team led by graduate students Apoorva Kiran and Robert MacCurdy, working with associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering (and 3D printing innovator) Hod Lipson, has managed to figure out how to create a fully functional speaker using a customizable Fab@Home 3D printer used for research.

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