Relax in this $30,000 ‘Star Trek’ Enterprise basement

Enterprise bridge stations adorn Line Rainville’s basement TV room, along with a tribble.

(Credit: Line Rainville)

You’ve got $ 30,000 to spend upgrading your home. Do you buy yourself a boring redecoration or do you try something a little more unusual?

If you’re a “Star Trek” fan and your name is Line Rainville, you build yourself a woman-cave that Spock himself would dig more than the prehistoric ice cave on the planet Sarpeidon.

The Canadian social worker is a diehard fan of the original, 1960s-era “Star Trek” series, and recently overhauled her basement by transforming it into something that looks like it came right off a Desilu Productions sound stage.

She has re-created parts of the Enterprise bridge, transporter room, recreation room, observation deck, and even Spock’s quarters in her home in Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, Quebec, about an hour north of Montreal, birthplace of The Shat.

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