Raspberry Pi slices off sales of 1.75 million

The Raspberry Pi.

(Credit: Eric Mack / CNET)

Raspberry Pi has scooped up 1.75 million in unit sales since the device’s initial launch in early 2012.

The makers behind the so-called PC on a stick announced the sales feat in a blog posted Tuesday. Based in the UK, the nonprofit Raspberry Pi Foundation uses a Sony factory in Pencoed, South Wales, to produce most of the units. That factory just registered its one millionth Pi.

“Add these to the existing Chinese ones, and that makes one and three quarter million Raspberry Pis out there worldwide, the majority of them made right here at home,” the Raspberry Pi Foundation said.

Designed for hobbyists, developers, and students, the Raspberry Pi is a basically a small motherboard outfitted with its own CPU and a variety of ports. The point of the Pi is to encourage buyers to tinker with the device to create their own unique and creative projects.

One student designed his own R2-D2 powered by a Pi. A company called Party Robotics … [Read more]

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