Rare Pokemon card attracts record-breaking $50k offers on eBay

(Credit: Screenshot by Nick Statt/CNET)

It’s called Illustrator, and it’s one of the rarest and most valuable Pokemon card ever made. Only six are thought to exist. Now, one is up for sale on eBay for a mind-boggling $ 100,000.

While eBay user Scott Pratte — a prolific seller whose two card-collecting passions include Pokémon and hockey — is aware that his item won’t likely fetch that enormous amount, he’s already received a legitimate offer of $ 47,000. He expects to see that amount climb at least a little higher in the remaining 13 days of his auction.

“Realistically, an ungraded copy could easily earn $ 20,000, so I’m hoping somewhere around $ 50,000,” he said in an interview. The term ungraded refers to cards that haven’t had their condition professionally qualified by the preeminent third-party trading card grading service, Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). Pratte has received grades for all of his rare collectibles, including the Illustrator card.

The limited Illustrator batch, which was printed in 1997, set records for trading card sales more than a decade ago when it became one of the most expensive publicly auctioned non-sports cards in history. … [Read more]

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