Phew! Britain has anti-alien weapons

Will it be scary?

(Credit: Windsor Adams/Flickr (with permission) )

I’ve become a bit of a worrier of late.

Not because I worry about the coming election, Windows 8, or things that seem to move in my fridge.

No, it’s the idea that with man proving he can leap in from outer space, outer-spaceans might try to do the same.

I am sure that our government will want to reassure us. I know that President Obama has told NASA to call him the minute aliens land.

But how can we possibly defend against outerworld beings? We don’t seem terribly good at defeating inter-world ones.

Thankfully, I bring good news: the Brits will save the world.

MSN News brings me fine details from a man who worked at Britain’s Ministry of Defense for 21 years.

Nick Pope — for this is his name — told MSN:

We do have several prototype aircraft and drones and other weapons you won’t see on the news for another 10-15 years so if we did face a threat from the… [Read more]

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