Phablet, selfie, emoji (and twerking) now in Oxford Dictionaries

Emoji celebrates with a, um, phablette.

(Credit: iJustine/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

May I wiggle my bottom while being honest with you?

I have never heard the following phrase: “I am phabulously, phenomenally phlabbergasted with my phablet.”

Indeed, though I have seen the word written down and projected upon my eyes, I have never, ever heard anyone actually say “phablet”.

Perhaps it’s like “parenthesis” and “prestidigitation.” Words that strike eyes, but never leave mouths. It could be that no one actually knows what their phone-tablet hybrid is really called.

I mention this, bottom awiggle, because news reaches me that “phablet” had now entered the hallowed p(h)ortals of the Oxford Dictionaries.

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