One woman’s small nightmare with a demo iPad Air sold by AT&T

Shouldn't they all be new?

So you bought an iPad Air that turned out to be a demo model. So what?

That was the reaction of some after a Canadian woman was sold one at Target.

She found photos and contacts already loaded on it and didn’t think this constituted a brand new tablet.

“What is so hard about plugging it into your computer and doing a factory restore from within iTunes? Rocket Science,” offered one CNET commenter to her story.

So please now listen to a different tale. It’s that of Monica Hall. At the end, please consider what sort of science — psychology, perhaps — might be involved to solve this.

She told me: I purchased an iPad Air from the AT&T store in Mesquite, Tx. on 11/15. When I got home and was ready to use my new iPad, I couldn’t get my apps to load, nor could I get any apps to load — new ones or from the cloud. I couldn’t lock the iPad. I called Apple Support and after trying several things and about 2 hours on the phone with them they finally realized the issue.

Yes, this was a demo model.

“Apple walked me through resetting and restoring the device. Everything seemed to be in order after a 2 -3 hour phone call,” said Hall.

Until: 11/18 I was trying to text my daughter and when I started to type in ‘Je’ on my phone, it was bringing up… [Read more]

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