On Connu, famous authors help you find new writers

(Credit: Connu)

E-walking into an online bookstore these days is an exercise in way too much choice. Most marketplaces will have some sort of system in place that helps find new authors — such as Amazon’s section that displays other purchases made by people who bought the book you’re looking at, and Kobo’s recommended reads based on the titles in your library.

But when it comes to finding new writers to read, recommendation and curation are the key. This is the premise behind Connu (which means “known” in French), a new app — originally funded on Kickstarter — designed to serve you delicious slices of short fiction.

“We, as avid readers and writers, face a problem: there are too many short stories to sort through on free publishing platforms, and too many talented writers who give up on having their stories noticed since the number of high-circulation literary magazines and other short fiction publishers is dwindling,” the Connu team wrote.

“We created Connu, the new hub for contemporary short fiction…These aren’t just any stories. They are brand-new, original, never-before-published works by the writers you know and love, and the talents they know, love, and recommend to us — all for you.”

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