Offbeat game recasts Xmas tune as ‘Little Bummer Boy’

If you don't want to be 'LDB Out,' avoid 'Little Drummer Boy' at all costs.

(Credit: Flickr user Twiddlywinker)

There’s a bigger danger this holiday season than ending up on Santa’s naughty list. A lump of coal in a Christmas stocking is one thing. What can happen to you if you hear “Little Drummer Boy” is something else altogether.

You know the tune: “Come they told me/Pa rum pum pum pum/A newborn King to see/Pa rum pum pum pum.” It’s a Christmas standard, and in cities and small towns everywhere, it emanates from department store sound systems, TV commercials, Web sites — you name it. To the average modern-day sophisticate, “Little Drummer Boy (note: read the story before clicking the link)” is nothing more than a song to love or hate, to endure or enjoy. But to the many players of the LDB Game, the song’s aesthetic merits are hardly the point.

Here’s how the game works: Once the holiday season starts (more on that later), you’re alive until you hear LDB. Once you hear it — don’t worry, knocking around inside your own head doesn’t count — you’re “LDB Out.” Victory (and the attendant bragging rights) accrue to anyone who successfully avoids LDB… [Read more]

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