Nook Simple Touch e-reader drops to $80

(Credit: Barnes & Noble)

Barnes & Noble is dropping the price of its Nook Simple Touch e-reader by $ 20 starting tomorrow, with a new price tag of $ 80, the company said today.

Not a full-blown tablet, the Simple Touch relies on a touch screen for flipping e-ink pages, navigating menus, and so on. CNET Reviews gave it four out of five stars and called it a “major advancement” over its predecessor.

As CNET’s Rick Broida noted recently in his Cheapskate blog, though full-feature tablets like Amazon’s Kindle Fire can be had for as low as $ 160, many people prefer an e-ink screen to one that’s backlit — it’s easier on the eyes and better for outdoor reading. And with just books and other reading matter on the gadget, you can’t be tempted to stray from “War and Peace” for Facebook, Angry Birds, or whatever else.

Walmart was recently selling refurbished models of the Simple Touch for $ 50, but those seem to be … [Read more]

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