Nissan smart watch links car and driver

Nissan's smart watch combines car and driver performance data.

(Credit: Nissan)

The link between man and machine drove car enthusiasts for decades, unwitting adherents to Marinetti’s Futurist Manifesto, yet until now that link lacked coherence. Nissan’s Nismo smart watch takes the first step in using technology to quantify the connection between car and driver.

Smart watches have only gained momentum in the last couple of years, and Nissan is first to jump on the bandwagon, today announcing its Nismo Watch Concept.

The watch is designed for drivers of Nissan Nismo model variants, currently encompassing the 370Z, Juke, and upcoming GT-R. Photos Nissan released ahead of the unveil at the Frankfurt auto show this week show the watch in traditional Nismo black and red, but the company says it will also offer it in black or white.

The watch shows driver heart rate and vehi… [Read more]

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