New York — home of smartphone shopping during funerals

Did she see someone shop on a smartphone?

(Credit: TheSopranosTVSeries/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

New York is lovable.

I have lived there, enjoyed affection there (briefly, of course), and witnessed kindnesses there beyond belief.

There is a side to New Yorkers, though, that is a touch self-centered and venal.

Perhaps there’s some inner shame they fear, associated with failure or ridicule. But, at times, you fear that some New Yorkers’ smiles are merely deflecting your eyes from their hands fiddling in your pockets.

From my own pocket, may I share a piece of research from which New Yorkers don’t come out so well? In fact, in one mortifying area they come out dead last. Or, rather, dead first.

The research attempted to gauge when people in different cities use their smartphones to shop.

The interested party financing these inquiries was SOASTA, a company that, stunningly, exists to make Web sites and mobile apps function under the highest of demands.

It appears that the city with the greatest predilection for smartphone shopping is San Francisco, with 75 percent of respondent proudly avowing to buying on the go.

Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Dallas Forth-Worth are also au fait with the habit.

However, people in some cities manage to take the smartpho… [Read more]

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