New LG LED TV gets ’70s styling

(Credit: LG)

Those born in the 1970s may appreciate the the LG 32LN530R, the Korean company’s latest LED TV, which is designed to look like an old CRT TV. This 32-incher sports two oversize dials for setting TV channels and volume, as well as what appears to be a front speaker grille.

But strip away all these old-school touches and you’ll still get a full-HD panel with a fast 120Hz screen refresh rate. Other modern features include an integrated multimedia player and Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) support. There are even four HDMI inputs and a USB port.

With many TVs appearing increasingly identical these days, the LG 32LN630R offers an interesting design twist and a welcome change. The 32-inch TV is currently available only in South Korea and retails at 840,000 won (about $ 750). There’s no news yet on whether it will be launched in other parts of Asia — or anywhere retro-loving Americans can get their hands on it.

(Source: Crave Asia via Engadget) [Read more]

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