Music vid shows digital retouch of woman in real time

(Credit: Video screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET)

It’s the worst-kept secret of fashion magazines: the models who appear on the pages therein are Photoshopped to the moon and back. It’s this method of perpetuating unrealistic standards of beauty that form the basis of a new music video from Hungarian singer Csemer Bolglarka, aka Boggie.

The song, called “Nouveau Parfum,” shows Boggie undergoing a digital makeover treatment in real time as she sings. It is not, in fact, a real retouching session but rather clever CGI. For a start, the interface looks like no photo-editing software we’ve seen, and there’s no photo-editing software, that we know of, that can work in video in real time. Moreover, the video credits list VFX artists — but it’s still very clever.

We see Boggie having her skin tone evened out and lightened, her eyes evened out, make-up applied, her neck thinned, and a new, neater hairstyle applied to her head.

The lyrics, translated from French, tackle the same theme: the singer rejects make-up and becomes her own perfume, which is quite a refreshing theme for a pop song, really.

We’ve put the translated lyrics below the video.

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